Dental Hygiene Products


Inter dental brushes

Beside the dental floss there are also small flexible brushes for the areas between the teeth. It is important to use the right size of brushes. A smaller size is inefficient and a larger size can hurt your gums. The brushes are used without tooth paste.


Mouthwashes can evidently support the prevention of cavities, if they are enriched with the right bactericide and minerals. Products including chlorhexidine, tin chloride or amine- and tin fluoride are recommended. Chlorhexidine is the most effective sustains to reduce bacteria. All thought we do not advise a permanent usage to due side effects (as discolouration of gums, taste irritations). A reasonable usage of this bactericide would be after dental surgeries, during pregnancy and for physical and metal disabilities. A mouthwash does not replace the tooth brush & Co.

Solo tooth brush

This small and flexible tuft with an angled neck that allows easy access to areas difficult to clean. Suitable for fixed orthodontic appliances, for cleaning around attachments for over dentures or along the gum line. Ideal for use on children erupting molars.

Tongue Cleaner

Using a tongue cleaner helps to prevent bad breath and to improve oral health by reducing bacteria from the tongue.