Aesthetic dentistry

People with beautiful and well kept teeth have a great smile at all times. A beautiful smile appears likeable and attractive. Because – Beautiful teeth play a main role in your everyday appearance. They imply health, youth and success. Besides your eyes the mouth is the most visible feature on which your counterpart bases their likeability towards you.

We offer different methods to regain your natural smile:

Crooked teeth or spaces can be improved thru delicate ceramic covers (veneers). Like a fake finger nails or a contact lens the thin covers are placed on the surface of your teeth. A special long lasting glue guarantees resistance. This is how unpleasant fillings and abnormal denture shapes can become natural appearing front teeth.

The shading of healthy but discoloured teeth can be individually lightened (bleaching). In our dental office your teeth are treated with a special gel which lightens your teeth.

Full ceramic inlays are fitted fillings. This method makes damaged molars practically invisible. The dental technician reconstructs your individual denture to create a natural appearance.