A natural beautiful smile – Is another step closer to life’s quality – right at your local dentist in Wiesbaden.

A beautiful smile with healthy natural teeth is an important and memorable picture our counterpart takes of us. It defines essentially our impact on others. Appeal, attraction, health but also success and joy of life are carried thru our smile.

People with poor teeth, which consciously or unconsciously, hide or don’t “show teeth” appear shy, uncertain, and sometimes even unfriendly. Nowadays this is a circumstance that can be prevented thru concrete aesthetic dentistry. We will help you to feel safe, confident and more freely about your teeth. More quality of life having naturally beautiful teeth is our motto and our goal.

Our broad palette of services starting from classic dental prophylaxes to periodontosis treatments and individual dental prostheses all the way to the special fields of endodontia, implants, surgical dentistry and functional therapy. Beyond these treatments we also offer in our Wiesbaden praxis aesthetic dentistry as veneers, bleaching and dental jewellery.

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Dr. Bettina Seidel is a graduate of post gradual studies for the Master of Science in aesthetic-reconstructive dentistry. She is an international recognized dental specialist in the fields of periodontosis, dental implants, functional therapy and minimal invasive methods. Her final goal is a perfect functional and aesthetic denture.

Your dental praxis in Wiesbaden provides the complete planning of individual dentures from start to finish. Always with the goal to retain the health (teeth and gums) and to create a natural looking smile. Of course, all on the bases of the latest technology.